Marcum Ice Fishing Flashers and Cameras at Pro Fishing Supply! Low Sale Prices and Free Shipping! Now featuring Lithium Batteries and the Lithium Shuttle. Popular flasher models include the LX-9L, MX-9GPS, MX-9GPSLI, LX-7L, LX-7LI, M5L, M3L and M1.  Popular underwater camera models include the LX-9L, Pursuit HD, Quest HD, Mission SD, Recon 5 Plus, Recon 5 and VS485C.  The Marcum Wireless Camera Panner works with most underwater cameras!

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  • Marcum Lithium Shuttle

    Add the long-life power of Lithium ION to your MarCum® sonar units. Compact, lightweight and long-lasting, the Marcum Lithium Shuttle, powered by a 12-volt 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery, can extend your unit’s continuous run time up to 40 hours. Designed for MarCum® M-Series, LX-Series and I-Series flashers and digital sonar systems.
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  • Marcum Lithium Shuttle Power Adapter MUPC

    The Marcum Lithium Shuttle Power Adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect any non-Marcum sonar unit to a Marcum Lithium Shuttle.
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  • Marcum LX-i Handheld Sonar

    Marcum LX-i Handheld Sonar Carry a powerful sonar unit with you, without the need to lug around a heavy battery pack, dangling transducer, and complicated depth scales.  Quickly find depths and structures, and even spot fish. This compact and portable units are ideal for early ice conditions. It also excel on fly-in trips, remote back-country trips, and anywhere where space, weight and portability are important!
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